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Do you struggle with grant writing proposals? Most people write with academic writing, which is not well suited for winning grant proposals. We can fix that for you.

In grant writing, we use shorter sentences, bolded items, printed bullet lists, and an abundance of graphs, drawings, and tables. The proposal is energetic, direct, and brief with few highly technical terms. 


It's future-oriented, service-oriented, team-oriented, and work-oriented, with a personal tone that is persuasive and conveys excitement. It is exciting to read, and easily understood, with new embracing ideas. 

We work together with your organization to write compelling grant proposals and curate them to position you to win the grant.



Natural Strengths to Assist your NonProfit:

  • Undergo an in-depth interview to gather the required information to grasp the project concepts.​

  • Acquire and maintain sound organizational knowledge to better comprehend the projects and programs seeking relevant grant funds.

  • Research and analyze funding sources for specific projects and applicable programs.

  • Compile, write, and edit all grant applications using strong writing, formatting, graphics, and proper grammar.

  • Review the budget and programs making recommendations for better presentations to grant-making organizations. 

  • Develop individual grant proposals, each per the grant funders' strict writing guidelines and requirements.​

  • Contact the grant funding organization during the review period to supply additional supporting materials if requested.


Lisa Maas

Lisa holds a Liberal Arts Degree and many certifications, including International Travel Management Institute, Real Estate Broker, and International Human Design Institute. Spending 15 years in the travel industry, she managed destination travel, public speaking, and group leadership. Lisa spent another 15 years as a real estate broker specialist selling over 80 million dollars managing large and small estates. 

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Kelly Dawson

Kelly obtained a certification in court reporting that set her up with the fine details required for successful grant writing. Spending the next 25+ years in the corporate environment, she held various roles such as supply chain and logistics management, inventory planning, and project management. This lent corporations her proficiency in leadership, process improvement development, project execution, and on-time delivery.

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Dr Beverly Browning

Dr. Beverly A. Browning, CSPF,

holds degrees in Organizational Development, Public Administration, and Business Administration.  She has been consulting in grant writing, RFP responses, technical writing, and organizational development for over four decades. Dr. Bev is a grant writing course developer and online facilitator for Ed2Go.com. Her four online courses are taught to thousands of students annually.  

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